26 April 2008

The one about the car wreck.

William and I were in a car accident this evening. A lady ran a red light and hit the driver's side of my sweet little red beetle. The police tell us that they will be issuing her a citation. Right behind us, serendipitously, was the woman we bought out house from. She was fantastic and stayed with us until we went in the ambulance. Poor thing - I hugged her so hard! She was also the one who recruited me to be a room mom this year...

We are okay - William's face is burned from the airbag (yeah - I know. don't go there.) He went to the hospital in the ambulance on the board with the head restraint and all that. They x-rayed him as a precaution and sent him home. He is SUCH a trooper. Never lost it. Never broke down. Didn't even cry. He is so rock solid. Everyone was amazed. On the way home I told William how very proud I am of him - that he was so brave etc. He said "Well, I'm a karate student. That's how we are."

My hand is burned. My neck is bruised and burned. I will go to the chiropractor on Monday to let them check me out. I am sure I will be sore. But all in all I think I am okay. I never tensed up. I never froze. I stayed relaxed. The only explanation I have is - Tai Chi? I don't know. So - I can't relax in my day to day life but I get in an accident - and - hey! I don't pretend to understand! LOL!

Of course, I spent the better part of last evening washing and armoralling my car yesterday. This morning I filled it up, yup $40! Figures. I am thrilled that we walked away virtually unscathed - still - there's an hour of my life and $40 I will never see again! :(


Valarie said...

Oh I am so sorry, I'm glad yall are ok though.

One man gathers what another man spills... said...

Good to hear that you're okay, so scary. Hope you heal from this quickly

GMOM said...

So glad you guys are okay. Wow, both of you really kept it together. How is everyone feeling today? Sometimes, you feel the jolts moe the 2nd and 3rd day. Glenn was hit the other day from behind at a red light. No injuries.

Frog said...

OMG I'm glad you guys are okay... just think, that $40 worth of gas may have been just enough extra weight to keep you safe, and the polish helped a little too :)

Thinking of you.

iFred said...

So sorry to hear of the accident, Daisy and I'm glad neither of you were seriously hurt. Now you can look forward to waiting for "the bug" to be repaired. That is the most frustrating thing about the few fender benders I've had.

DaisyBug said...

Thank you - everyone! You are all so kind. Frog - there is a smart-ass self-deprecating comment in there somewhere about weight but I shall abstain... notice the self-control.

Fred - my little beetle is within walking distance so I plan to walk down there OFTEN - to visit my car. I think they will think I am insane and will want to be rid of me as quickly as possible... :D Actually - tomorrow Ron is going to check and see how bad the damage is. He is not sure they can fix it - but I am telling him - they WILL be fixing my car. It is paid for and it only has 55,000 miles on it and it is MY car - VW people are nutty this way... they'll fix it quickly. Believe me,


Bonnie Jacobs said...

I was worried about you, so I read back through all your posts until I found out what happened to you. Thank God you and William are okay.

I used to have a VW bug, back in 1965. I loved my little bug, but it did have a hard time getting up some of the hills around Chattanooga. I simply shifted down and it got me where I was going.

There is no deadline on Weekend Wordsmith prompts, so feel free to do last week's or any other that you missed.