18 April 2008

I am torn...

I have time, but I need to decide. I am thinking about doing either Pampered Chef or Tastefully Simple and I can not decide which one. One thing that annoys me about BOTH companies is that they feel compelled to choose which OS I may use. Now, I CAN install and use windoze on my beautiful pristine MacBook Pro, but I don't WANT to and I shouldn't HAVE to. Both companies want me to do this, however and I find it intensely rude.

Other than that I love both company's products. My contact for Pampered Chef is awesome - I just love her, so they have an edge there. Tastefully Simple has better opportunity for reorders but I don't really have a good contact there.

So - what do you guys think?

Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple or something else?? Have any ideas on how I can decide? Something to consider? I plan to research which company is "greener", so if anyone has thoughts on that, I'd love to hear it... Let me know!


Anonymous said...

I hadn't even heard of Tastefully Simple till yesterday! I'm intrigued by their slush mixes (for alcohol, yum). If you have tried any of them and have any recommendations, please let me know! :)

iFred said...

This is rude and arrogant. Personally, I don't care what the product is, if it is on such a web site, I can live without it. There is no valid reason for demanding that you use Windows and/or Internet Explorer to view a web site. Heck, even Microsoft makes no such demand. (Which surprises me.)

GMOM said...

The pearberry slush mix is delicious. The beer bread is awesome too!!! The food mixes are super easy and generally only require 1 or 2 ingredients to mix in with them. Tastefully Simple is awesome.
I LOVE Pampered Chef too.
Have you considered a Longaberger, however, if I bring another "basket" in the house, I may end up divorced :-).

Daisy, whichever you choose, count me in.

Frog said...

What exactly isn't working for you? I just visited Pampered Chef's website and it works abso fine... is it when you go into the business side of it? Mayhap it's a Flash update requirement? (I'm sure you already checked that!)

Anonymous said...

Oh Daisy, Daisy, Daisy....

we need to talk BEFORE you sign up for a MLM.

I did PC back before Prince #1 was born. I have investigated MANY of these "at-home businesses". Run screaming from all of those.

Oh - and check out the internet restrictions. As far as I know, TS can terminate your consultancy just for putting a link to your TS site on your blog.

If you want to do it just to make a few dollars, go for it. But PLEASE don't count on paying more than your cable and phone bill with your earnings (oh - and as far as I know, PA & SNJ have the highest concentration of TS consultants than anywhere in the country...the area is pretty well-saturated)

I feel a blog post coming on.....
(but since I already did 2 today, it will go up tomorrow)

DaisyBug said...

Fred - I know, it is nuts.

gmom - Thanks for your ever-present support! :)

Frog - The issue is not with the website but with the software to submit orders to the company.

Min - you SO need to fill me in... I'm skerred. :{