21 April 2008

Daddy Time Capsule

This week's Weekend Wordsmith prompt this week was "Time Capsule". Hmmm... Odd. I had just been thinking about how hard it was for me to get a good clear picture of my dad in my mind. He is gone 29 years this month and honestly - only sensory memories remain: scents, flavors, hugs... so this poem reflects the fact that my time capsule mind is failing... the bu ilding in the picture is where we used to live. The thistle - well - I still have a hanky he brought me from Scotland with thistles stiched on it..


Sometimes scared to lose you to newer, fresher times,
You live forever in my heart - but are fading in my mind.
Old Spice, warm hug - some things are still clear.
But your voice and smile fading - things once so dear.

Rum raisin ice cream, melty, creamy-smooth
Reminiscent flavor transports me while it soothes
Smiles captured by light so many years ago,
Purple thistles neatly stitched on a hanky in a row.

No real way to keep you - no box, no lock, no safe.
Your untimely departure left my heart a waif.
My mind is the time capsule failing at the task
Keeping you forever is, it seems, too much to ask.


Crafty Green Poet said...

I like the details in this - my Dad used to wear old Spice (actually maybe he still does!). It is sad how memories fade but this poem is a lovely tribute to your Dad

DaisyBug said...

Thanks - I think the details to be too personal to make this poem truly interesting to anyone else, but I felt like I needed to write it anyway.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

No, the details aren't too personal. Having them in there makes your Dad more real to me. You said "untimely departure" ... my dad died in a traffic accident when he was ony 45, so I can relate to "untimely."

iFred said...

I don't think it too personal either, Daisy. I haven't written anything but much of what you expressed has been swirling around in my head since my dad died 31 years ago. I knew him well since I was 41 years old when he died after a long battle with cancer. I hope my special memories of him never fade. He was my hero and I am so flattered when people say I look like him these days, with my silver hair. I thought he was old when he died, but as of today, I have outlived him by 7 years and now realize how young he was when he died.

Anonymous said...

I think what you have written was very touching. Even though I have never had anyone I know pass away, I can't imagine what it is really like to have my father pass away. My dad has made mistakes but I love him so. Your poem is really special and can make others like me realize what we have, so your poem makes me appreciative. Thanks for it!

Btw...your background is so cute!