02 April 2008

FedEx - defies scientific principles...

I didn't think it possible, but FedEx both sucks and blows at the same time.

The wii was scheduled to arrive today. It said so on the website "On truck for Delivery" it said. Now - we get a lot of packages here. A LOT. We know that FedEx comes here between 12:30 and 1:30 pretty much like clock-work. When I got home at 3:00pm and my MIL informed me that the wii had not arrived - I just kNEW I was in for one hell of an afternoon.

I checked the website and it said "Delivery Exception: Customer not available or business closed 2:45" WHAT a load of crap! At this point - and I am sorry, I had a rotten day at work - THIS was the last thing I needed - I went off the deep end. I called. I had to press 0 like 700 times to get an operator. They told me they are sending the driver back - it should be there by 4:00... I called at 4:00 - I talked to someone who allegedly was a manager at the actual terminal. He SOUNDED irate. He promised me the guy would be bring it back. Mind you - I still had to get gas and nylons for my meeting tomorrow - But I waited around. And waited. And waited. 5:28 I call again - turns out there is nothing anyone can do for me at this point because it is so late. Terminal is not open. I am further distressed to learn that there are no notes of my previous contact in there system so for the third damn time today I had to go through the whole thing again.


As a side note - this is not the first time this has happened to me. This VERY SAME thing happened to me in 2004 when I was anxiously awaiting my iMac's arrival.

William said it best... "They're just a bunch of LOSERS, Mom".

You betcha. Big time Losers...

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Frog said...

Someone's very excited about the arrival of their Wii... FedEx don't deliver here much, but they're pretty good where we are, and UPS... well let's just say we wave even when he doesn't deliver!

Hope you get it soon....