01 April 2008

The Wii is Coming!!!

Shhhhh... no one tell William's gym teacher.

We ordered a Wii. It is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Now - normally I am the LAST person to be excited about a game system - but this is truly the exception to the rule! I just think we will have so much fun and I have heard that one can get quite a bit of exercise playing...

If you have one and can recommend any games that we should rent, please do! Even Grandma is excited - I think she is just chomping at the bit to kick my ass at bowling, LOL!


Frog said...

Well it had to happen I suppose :) Wii Sports is still my favorite game on the system. Wii Fitness will be coming out soon, Mario Kart Wii is coming out next month, and then there are all the games you can download - N64, Snes, Nes, Genesis games and more... you have WiFi built in to the Wii so you'll also be able to browse the internet from the comfort of your armchair (good parental controls btw).

Don't forget to share your feelings on the system at our special place ;)

Frog said...

BTW if you have a HD tv, then you should get component cables for your Wii (the ones with red green and blue inputs) as using the standard cables over time can cause screen burn a lot quicker (talk to DH about it!!)

DaisyBug said...

I am sure that once it gets here I will be over at Go COmmando plenty picking everyone's brains and sharing our excitement!

I am pretty psyched!