20 April 2008

Substitute Training...

In case you are wondering where I have been this weekend, I am taking a course to prepare me for substitute teaching. It is not mandatory - one person even told me it would be horribly boring - but I have to tell you... it has cemented the idea in my head, made me more certain that I am headed in the right direction and honestly, has been mostly interesting and engaging. I am actually pretty horrified that it is not mandatory - Some of my fellow students though - UGH! They get on my last nerve. We have the know-it-all; you know, she is so experienced and so well-seasoned - has to tell a PERSONAL story every time, it gets old REAL quick. And SOME of them I can't see in a classroom - like - EVER. I am sorry but if the only reason you want to sub is to so you can have summers off, then you really shouldn't be in the classroom. Apparently there is such a sub shortage that they take whoever they can get that meets the criteria. Lucky for me, I don't have to be friends with any of them. Ugh.


Anywho... it is nice to know that I will be okay. Still have a little more to prepare on my own, but overall I think I will be just fine!

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Anonymous said...

After 38 years of teaching I feel qualified to give my input here - you will be a wonderful teacher, Jeanne! It is in your blood. You are the kind of person every child prays for in a substitue.

...and I am not only saying this because I am you Mother!!