26 April 2008

Still Thinking Green

I love this little gem of a site which I just stumbled on. It is user friendly and stupid proof - very important for me since I seldom learn anything by just reading or listening - I need PICTURES. Not diagrams... pictures!

Anyway - because Earth Day was just this week and because when I give someone a present I like it to look like I put some thought into wrapping it and preparing it for them (presentation is half the "battle" - no?) and because I am just not crazy about wrapping paper, anything that offers an alternative to that is okie dokie with me I share with you a great way to reuse toilet paper rolls!

Ta Da! Supah cute and a great way to re-use something you might otherwise throw away! (Don't say I never gave you anything!) :)

1 comment:

Lara said...

Oooh that IS cute!

I like to save the paper bags with handles that apples come in, and then use old greeting cards and scraps of lace, ribbon, etc to decorate them.

Ok, that wasn't quite true. I like to save them, hand the pile of supplies to my 11 year old daughter and have HER decorate them. hehe