24 May 2008

Cute Idea...

If I must say so myself! William is going to a birthday party tomorrow for a classmate. I thought it would be cute to make him some bookplates since he has four siblings - I figure he would like to have something to identify his books - he is a reader, I am told... So I went to the Avery Website and found a handy little label designer! I selected 5164/6164 and used some of their clip art (which isn't fantastic - but it is okay) and tweaked the font - and voila! a sheet of custom bookplates for an eight-year old!

Oh - and no. This isn't the ONLY thing we are giving this child in case you are wondering. I am told that he likes to play school with his sister so I am going to buy him some school supplies and stickers and stuff like that... I think he will love it!


Lara said...

You're very creative! I always struggle to figure out what to send to kids' birthday parties!

Frog said...

It's easy Lara, G.I. Joe for boys, something pink for girls :)

Oh, and if they're a little older - a G.I. Joe video game / novel for boys, and a pink handbag for girls :D

I wonder why I don't get invited to parties....?

DaisyBug said...

Thanks, Lara - My philosophy is to try to find out something the child likes and then address that either with books or supplies, sometimes magazine subscriptions for older children. I leave the typical stuff for everyone else. Usually they love what I get them.

Frog - I am sure that those gifts would work for most kids, right?

Shana said...

Very cool. They usually wait until the day before the party around here to invite you. Then they usually end up with some lame thing we found on the way.