19 May 2008

Stupid Question.

So - the thing about being in an accident, even one that is not your fault, is the ridiculous amount of paperwork that one must fill out. Last week I was hounded by esuance - the other party's insurance company. I understand it is their job - they have a procedure to follow, things they must do to complete their file. I get it.

But seriously... What exactly is it they want me to respond when they ask me "What could you have done to avoid the accident?" Uhm - hello? Are you freaking serious? Do you not have a copy of the accident report? Did you not notice that your insured TOLD the police that she was looking at her GPS and didn't notice that traffic light? What could I have done? You mean besides stay the heck home? Well - perhaps if I had a magic gold watch I could have stopped time. Maybe if my crystal ball hadn't been in the shop I could have gone home a different way or chose a different place to order from. Oh! Or MAYBE I could just hop into my time machine that I have in the basement and undo the whole thing. I don't know... what is the correct answer? Maybe they should give me multiple choice.


Evelyn said...

Amazing question....... it leaves me just shaking my head. AS IF I would tell insurance company (who most certainly would rather not PAY) a good reason why I could have stopped the accident!!!!

Doesn't ranting help, though? :~)

GMOM said...

The best way to respond to that questions is, "nothing". It is sooo annoying you're being inconvenienced due to someone else not paying attention. I was in an accident caused by someone else and didn't have to fill out paperwork, of course it was many years ago. Not sure if this is customary or not.

DaisyBug said...

I am required to fill out the paperwork as sent to me by MY insurance company, which I did. I am not required to fill out the paperwork from the other company. I made a statement on the phone which was recorded by my insurance company - I cooperated with them which is my obligation. Apart from that - I am not required to do anything else - so I never answered the question at all - and yes, Evelyn - it is great blog fodder... ranting does indeed help.

Lara said...

I would have answered "The only way to prevent an accident like this would be to remove the GPS system from your insured's car prior to letting them have the keys."

Frog said...

What gmom said!

iFred said...

In 1970, big Ford LTD, doing 65 MPH in a 30 MPH zone of downtown Atlanta, crossed the center line and hit me head-on. The impact totaled my car and broke my nose.

The court ruled that it was not his fault! "He was well within his rights in an attempt to avoid an accident." the judge said.

A car pulled out of a side street and the LTD swerved over into my lane to avoid hitting the other car so this was not his fault. The fact that he was traveling at 65 miles an hour, according to the police report, was ignored by the judge.

My insurance totaled out my car and I had to argue with them about the actual worth of the car.

Eventually, I won that argument and was paid a fair market price for the car.

My own insurance company asked me that same question, Daisy. "What could I have done to avoid the accident?" I answered: "Not being born."