17 May 2008

Partial Dentures and MRI's

Okay - so here is something I have been wondering,..

What if someone who has a partial denture is taken to the emergency room and is not conscious. Suppose this is a younger person - maybe not someone anyone would expect to have a denture... suppose someone decides this person needs an MRI. Will anyone think to check for a dental appliance? If not, what happens to that person in the MRI? Will the denture rip right through their jaw?

Sad isn't it? The things I think of when my mind is left to wander.


Valarie said...

Hmm that is a good question?

Frog said...

The first thing you're taught when learning basic first aid and cpr is to check your abc.

I'm sure that anyone that needs to go through anything like that would have their airway checked, and that includes a full sweep of the mouth.

DaisyBug said...

Thank GOD! I was seriously worried about it. I was thinking how odd that one must carry a card indicating that one wears contact lenses, but no one is asked to carry a card when one is wearing a dental appliance.

Thanks Frog! I feel better knowing that! :D

iFred said...

I guess I don't have to worry too much about that unless I'm unconscious. Because of my extreme claustrophobia I can't have an MRI. But, what happens if one has unremovable, implanted false teeth that are bolted to the jaw bone? And what is the concern about partial dentures anyway? Is it that the will come loose and be swallowed? Help me learn something here. This is something I have often been asked, but never really thought about why.

DaisyBug said...

OMG Fred, I never thought of that!!! Do you have a card that says you have implants??? What on earth would happen in this situation?

An MRI is a big giant magnet. You have to tell them if you have any metal in you - I am under the impression that the big giant magnet will - well - you do the math. Magnet + Metal = Yikes.

DaisyBug said...

Apparently, dental implants are made of titanium - and titanium is not affected by magnets. I believe this is true - anyone else know anything different?

Frog said...

Oh good grief!! The things you worry about!! ;)

If someone needs an MRI and is unconscious - assuming nobody can contact next of kin, and there's no way of identifying the person they will either risk it, or use a metal detector (one is supplied with every MRI machine - probably!)....

Dr. Frog... out ;)

DaisyBug said...

You see what poor Ron has to deal with on a daily basis??! LOL!!

Thanks Doc. 'preciate it. :D

iFred said...

True, my implants are titanium, but my torso is chock full of surgical pins. I don't know what they are made of, but I was shocked when I first saw them on an x-ray monitor.

I'm glad I don't fly anymore. Those darn pins always set off the security detectors at Atlanta's airport.

Bionic Man out...

DaisyBug said...

My mother has a hip replacement and when we went to Memphis last year they had to pull her out of the line and pat her down - the whole works. Pretty sure they should be at least buying you dinner before they get so frisky, LOL!

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