04 May 2008

Take the Hint

This week's prompt from the Weekend Wordsmith is Torrential Rain. I like the idea that sometimes you have to learn to just chill and go with the flow... this piece (I don't think it is really a poem but I don't know WHAT it is excactly...) looks at torrential rain as the opportunity to step back and relax - take yourself out of the game. It works metaphorically as well, don't you think?

Take the Hint

When it rains, it pours.
Nature reminds us that we don't control everything.
Stop and enjoy it for what it is.
You can't just keep driving, you can't see.
Umbrellas are useless - so walking is not really possible.
Seek shelter and wait it out.

Notice the lacy curtain and rhythmic cadence.
Realize that you are being asked to stop and enjoy the show.
Don't be upset.
Sit .
Try to relax.

Soon enough it will be time to return to your regularly scheduled program.
You can go back to being in a hurry - being frazzled...
Plenty of time for that.
For now - be still.
Enjoy the show.


Marie Louise said...

What a lovely poem! I am in Connecticut, so am experiencing the same rain. I am taking it in stride as well - two weeks ago I was looking for it, as my transplanted roses were thirsty. I see you are a relocation manager. I used to be an event planner by trade - similar things. Presently I am determined to try to find a way to work for myself, hence my blog. Hope the sun is shining for both of us next weekend!

White Rose said...

I really liked this! And you may think I am goofy, but these four words are profound "For now - be still." When are we ever just still?

Anonymous said...

thank you too..for reminding me that sometimes, i need not do anything at all..just be still..and relax..

like this..

DaisyBug said...

Thanks you three! Marie Louise - presently I am counting down the days until I am no longer a relocation coordinator. (42 or less to be exact!) I am going to pursue teaching next.

White Rose and bitchy angel - these are the lessons of Tai Chi. You will notice that stillness and why it eludes me is a recurrent theme for me. My Tai Chi instructor has so much patience - I am so thrilled he hasn't given up on me! :)

Evelyn said...

Wow! I love it!

June said...

This is a very interesting piece. I had to read it more than once, but the second time round I got it. Thanks for stopping by Spatter...

iFred said...

I like this too, Daisy. It reminds me of my late mom's admonition to settle down, remain inside and be still when it was raining outside.

That was over 65 years ago when our gang of neighborhood kids played outside all day. There was little to do inside in those days. We didn't even have TV, let alone video games, iPods, etc. We would whine and tell her it wasn't really raining; what she saw was rain water falling off the roof and trees. That never worked and she always remained firm.

Thanks for sharing this and opening some very old memory cells today.

One man gathers what another man spills... said...

Love true. we're always in a rush. if everyone just relaxed, this would create an amazing moment of rest and peace (which we ALL need)... the world would be a better place really.

Lara said...

Wise words... I wish I could teach my husband that too!

storm indigo said...

sometimes it's compulsive for us to think we have to 'do something', most times we'd do more by being still.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Very true and nicely put...

one more believer said...

thank you that was perfect... today is friday and i will look out my window enjoy the sun and relax..