03 May 2008

Okay Blogger - WTH??

I have been trying for three days to change my template - just because I get bored. I can't do it - I get an error - it takes away all my lists - It annoys me to tears! THEN I added my list back and it disappeared AGAIN - had to recreate it a second time this morning... Blogger - you are officially on notice. I am SO outta here if things don't start going right.

So - we are all going to have to realize that this template is here to stay... And by "all" I mean "me". grrrr.


Frog said...

The trick is not to uses templates - they screw around with the code so that if you try to modify them it all gets messed up "It's a conspiracy man!!"

Try Tips for new bloggers ... they helped me get my look :)

Lara said...

I always create a test blog to set up my template like I want it. Then once it works like I want, I put it into my existing blog. But you still need to save your widget stuff and do some manual work.

If you need someone to work on it for you, email me the link to the template you want and I'll see if I can figure it out for you. :)

White Rose said...

I agree it is annoying it takes away any widgets you may have. You basically have to rebuild your page. Very Annoying!